The CCE & CCL Partnership

Building a Climate Constituency: The Citizens’ Climate Education/Citizens’ Climate Lobby Partnership

Background: In 2007, realtor and entrepreneur Marshall Saunders became disheartened by the lack of national action to address the threat of climate change. Realizing that no grassroots, outside-the-Beltway organization had adopted the task of educating legislators about possible climate solutions, Marshall founded Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). That same year, Saunders founded Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) to empower citizen advocates via targeted research, communications protocols, and scientific and legislative analysis.

Citizens’ Climate Education: Citizens’ Climate Education, a registered 501(c)(3), empowers ordinary citizens by educating them about the scientific, economic, policy, and environmental implications of climate change and climate change solutions.  CCE’s small but committed full-time staff supports citizen climate educators via targeted research, communications protocols, and scientific and legislative analysis. Its openly-accessible tools provide a solid foundation for its sister organization, Citizens’ Climate Lobby–and for any organization wishing to hone its climate communication.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby: Volunteers with Citizens’ Climate Lobby advocate for climate solutions such as a national, revenue-neutral, carbon fee-and dividend system. Its passionate supporters are empowered to organize meetings and produce media based on their own resources and personal priorities. The vocal, grassroots, 501(c)(4) Citizens’ Climate Lobby often makes use of CCE tools, research, and communications protocols, and, of the two, unsurprisingly presents the more visible public face.

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