Building the Will for Action

Creating Political Will

CCE believes citizen empowerment and organized grassroots advocacy to be a powerful combination for driving change. During a time of major partisan divide and setbacks to the U.S. climate movement, CCE’s unique approach to climate education has allowed it to be remarkably successful in accelerating political will for effective climate solutions.

CCE’s relationship-based communications approach helps volunteers to make progress on both sides of the aisle. By practicing appreciation and respect, while focusing on shared values and local concerns, volunteers learn to skillfully defuse partisan tensions that too often prevent constructive steps toward climate action.

Chapters strategically work in their local communities to build in-district support for effective climate solutions. Volunteers meet regularly with their members of Congress, speak at community and local government events, partner with other climate organizations, and push out written media. At each level of its organizational model, CCE staff provides robust coordination, systems, training, and personal support to ensure volunteers are successful in their advocacy work.