Climate Advocate Training

Training Citizens

Citizens’ Climate Education provides tools and training for motivated citizens who might be interested in becoming climate advocates in their communities. Climate Advocate Trainings include three hours of directed training divided into nine accessible sessions that cover such topics as positive communication emphasis, the history and efficacy of CCE’s programs, and the details of climate solutions such as cap-and-trade and a revenue-neutral carbon fee-and-dividend system (CCE’s own preferred solution).

Attendees of our Climate Advocate Trainings end the session with a new set of communications tools at their disposal, all designed to elevate the level of discourse about potentially divisive issues. They learn the power of being for solutions rather than against inaction, of being interested instead of interesting, and of exercising citizen power instead of seeking political force. They thus gain the confidence they need to educate elected officials who they might previously have viewed as inaccessible, and neighbors they might have thought unreachable.

Rooted in the same knowledge, commitment, and respect that underlie all CCE trainings, Climate Advocate Training Workshops have sparked the creation of hundreds of chapters of passionate citizen climate educators around the country and the world.