Laser Talks

Communicating Climate Science and Policy

One of Citizens’ Climate Education’s most valuable tools is the “laser talk”: a short, easily-mastered, but carefully sourced response to a common question about climate change or climate change solutions. By practicing laser talks during group starts, regular meetings, and on conference calls, CCE trainees become comfortable with the basics of climate communication. Each talk includes a brief, one-line response, along with a much longer and more in-depth version that trainees can draw from in any way that appeals to them.

Increasing comfort levels through laser-talk practice also helps trainees overcome feelings of nervousness or uncertainty that might otherwise hinder their ability to listen as well as to speak. By practicing laser talks, trainees enhance the ability to learn—a necessity, given CCE’s view of education as a 2-way process.

Laser talks are not meant to be memorized, but internalized; far from rote recital, they enable deeper, more substantive communication. Follow the links below each of the following common questions to the relevant laser talks, or explore using the sidebar to the right.


Laser Talk Examples

What is causing the climate to change?

The scientific consensus on climate change is overwhelming, and the basic science of the problem is straightforward.

What can we do about it?

Citizens’ Climate Education’s preferred climate solution, Carbon Fee and Dividend, will slash carbon emissions while growing the American economy.

Won’t a carbon fee hurt our economy?

Many studies show that a revenue-neutral fee will benefit the American economy and make it more competitive in emerging industries. What’s more, climate change itself poses a grave economic threat; the correct policies can incentivize innovation and keep America strong.

But this is a global problem. Can America make any difference without the rest of the world?

Countries around the world, including China, have instituted their own carbon prices. A revenue-neutral carbon fee-and-dividend system would make America a leader on this vital issue.

I’m still worried about our ability to compete internationally.

By including a border tax adjustment, we can ensure international adoption of equivalent fee systems, and guarantee that America will be able to compete on a level playing field.

I don’t want to pay higher energy prices. Won’t a fee-and-dividend system raise my energy bills?

By returning all fees collected through a monthly energy dividend, a revenue-neutral system would protect households from rising energy costs without increasing the size of government—and put more money in the average pocketbook.

What more can I do to help?

Please visit our sister organization, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, to learn more about how to help build a better future for us all.