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CCE’s History

Marshall Saunders CCEMarshall Saunders, a real estate developer and philanthropist, founded CCL and Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) in 2007. During the 20 years Marshall worked with RESULTS, a hunger and poverty organization, he learned the value of small groups of organized citizens educating the public and lobbying Congress in a targeted way.

Our strategy is simple: Empower individuals so that they experience significant growth of their own political and personal power, as well as discover and celebrate their own capacity to make a significant difference in this world. Our volunteers break down partisan and ideological barriers by reaching out to key stakeholders to build positive, effective working relationships.

“After I had given just a few talks about the climate, I realized that the actions I was suggesting to my listeners to take, while essential, were not a match for the problem. I realized that anything they intended to do would be swamped by what the government did or did not do. I realized that ordinary people like me would have to organize, educate ourselves, give up our hopelessness and powerlessness, and gain the skills to be effective with our government.” – Marshall Saunders