Conservative Engagement

In a two-party system that regularly changes power, the most politically viable and long-lasting solutions to climate change are those with bipartisan support. This means both Democratic and Republican policymakers must take stronger leadership on climate, and also need to come together on solutions.

Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) is unique in our commitment to actively working with both Democratic and Republican policymakers, and making climate change a bridge issue (rather than a wedge issue) in Congress. We respectfully meet our elected officials where they are, find common ground, and persistently push them forward on their climate journey.

Conservative engagement is deeply integrated into our mission, core values, strategic plan, and day-to-day activities. Our Executive Director, Madeleine Para, champions these efforts alongside our Conservative Outreach Director, who leads a team to develop, implement, and monitor progress towards our goals as we work to generate the political pressure necessary so that:

  1. Climate change becomes a top voting issue, requiring Republican candidates to take an increasingly strong stance on climate in order to win elections.
  2. Climate policies gain increasing support from Republican policymakers, making legislation more robust, politically viable, and stable between election cycles.

Conservative Grassroots Engagement

We operate from the “Trusted Messenger” principle, which asserts that the messenger matters as much as the message itself when influencing opinions and decisions. Climate-concerned conservatives are a growing part of the Republican party, particularly among younger Republicans and moderates. Citizens’ Climate Education prioritizes engaging these climate-concerned conservatives within our advocacy work, with special emphasis in districts and states with Republican members of Congress.

CCE’s Conservative Outreach Director leads a team focused on identifying, recruiting, and mobilizing pro-climate conservatives. Our Conservative Caucus, an Action Team with 1,000+ active conservative volunteers, works in complement to the department in pursuit of these goals. They also maintain a grassroots presence in conservative spaces, like State Republican Conventions and local chambers of commerce.

Conservative Key States Initiative

Through our Key States Initiative, we strengthen grassroots outreach and engagement among climate-concerned conservatives in states that are strategic to our climate solutions work. We leverage targeted digital outreach campaigns and deploy on-the-ground field organizers to increase grassroots recruitment. We improve retention of new recruits through a timely and personalized onboarding process, and mobilize relevant actions that are specific to new recruits. Furthermore, we work to build a small but highly-engaged cohort of conservative climate leaders from our pool of new recruits to catalyze further grassroots action.

Moreover, we strengthen “grasstops” support for climate solutions among strategic business and industry leaders who have demonstrated influence on members of Congress. Through this concentrated, two-pronged approach, we deepen our impact.

The initiative is currently being piloted in Indiana and Utah, with plans to deploy in other states pending performance analysis and financial backing.

Conservative Media Tours

We amplify the voices of conservative volunteers through targeted earned media campaigns (via television and radio) in key districts. With the support of a media consultant, volunteers receive broadcast media training and coaching, as well as coordinated assistance in scheduling interviews. “Tours” typically reach between 250,000-600,000 listeners or viewers, and in several cases have been picked up by national news syndicates to reach over 10 million listeners or viewers. This program elevates the conservative case for climate action, while promoting our work to new conservative volunteers.


Citizens’ Climate Education offers paid fellowship opportunities to young people who identify as right-of-center to help grow conservative representation within our grassroots volunteer corps. Fellows receive mentorship and leadership training, and make strong applicants for job positions that open within the organization.

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