Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, our burning of fossil fuels has steadily increased the carbon dioxide context of Earth’s atmosphere. For many decades, we enjoyed the benefits of such fuels without realizing that the increased atmospheric carbon was trapping heat and hastening global climate change.

Today, we understand that climate change carries potentially catastrophic health, environmental, and economic costs. Nevertheless, in most places there is no financial penalty for adding to the carbon pollution that drives climate change. As long as carbon pollution remains free, the true costs of fossil fuels will be hidden, and may appear cheaper than low-carbon alternatives even as they put long-term health and economic prosperity at risk.

CCE’s preferred climate solution is known as carbon fee-and-dividend. A national, revenue-neutral carbon fee-and-dividend system would place a predictable, steadily-rising price on carbon, with all fees, minus administrative costs, collected being returned to households as a monthly energy dividend. In just 12 years, studies show, such a system could reduce carbon emissions by 40% while adding 2.1 million jobs about baseline to the American economy.

Educating citizens about the benefits of a carbon fee-and-dividend, and empowering them to build the social and political will for the climate solutions we need, form the core of CCE’s approach.

Building the Will For Action