Policy Research

Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) employs a team of peer-reviewed climate scientists and economists to bridge the needs between academia and activists. The Citizens’ Climate Education research team conducts complex climate change and policy research, and works to communicate findings to our volunteers and equip them with professional tools for their advocacy. At the same time, the CCE research team commissions research studies to model the impacts of various policies around climate change.

Research Tools & Resources

Blogs: Relevant climate research is summarized and analyzed for our volunteers through timely blog posts.

Laser Talks: A catalog of short, easily-memorized, and well-researched answers to common questions about climate change are maintained and regularly updated.

Carbon Dividend Calculator: A shareable tool that analyzes the impact of carbon fee and dividend on an individual’s or household’s budget. It’s a powerful way to show the personal impacts of the carbon cashback, or carbon dividend.

Nerd Corner: A one-stop shop for policy “nerds and the nerd-curious” to learn about and stay up-to-speed with more in-depth climate science, policy, and economics research.

Academic Research

2020 Household Impact Study: This 2020 study analyzes the impact of a carbon price, or carbon fee and dividend, on individual households. Detailed data allows analysis by congressional district, income bracket, and other important factors.

An Assessment of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act: This 2019 study by Columbia University models the impact of a carbon fee and dividend bill on emissions, air pollution, and household dividends.

Paying Dividends To American Residents From Carbon Fee Revenue: This 2018 study explores the methods for returning carbon tax revenue back to American households.