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Conferences & Events

International June Conference

The International June Conference has been the flagship event of Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) since 2013. It serves to convene our grassroots volunteer corps, build clout on Capitol Hill, support congressional allies, and collaborate with other climate change organizations. The conference consists of two days of educational workshops and advocacy training, followed by an opportunity for volunteers to meet with their members of Congress on the Hill.

Conservative Climate Conference

Climate-concerned conservatives make up an increasing part of the Republican party, particularly among younger Republicans and moderates. The annual Citizens’ Climate Conservative Conference convenes these leaders to support pro-climate Republican members of Congress, strengthen climate change coalitions, and ultimately help shift the Republican agenda to prioritize climate solutions.

The 2022 conference, convening in Washington, D.C., featured a speaking program that included five Republican Representatives and one Republican Senator, while also hosting other conservative climate change organizations and 80+ conservative volunteers.

Virtual Conferences

Citizens’ Climate Education hosts several virtual conferences to hear from experts in the field, offer training, and connect virtually with thousands of advocates from around the country. In the fall, we host an annual conference, offered free of charge, and is followed by approximately 400 virtual constituent meetings with members of Congress. We have also hosted a virtual Inclusion Conference, as well as other conferences based on volunteer affinities and interests.

Conference Scholarships

Citizens’ Climate Education recognizes that the cost of travel and lodging can prove prohibitive for many. In order to make events more accessible and inclusive, CCE offers financial scholarships to help offset the cost of all in-person conferences.

Do you work for a business that might be interested in sponsoring a conference?

Contact development\@citizensclimate\.org to learn more.