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Expanding Our Portfolio

Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) works on three policies that are effective in reducing emissions and can bring the country together. In early 2022, Citizens’ Climate Education began a stakeholder engagement process to determine additional policy areas to focus on. This expanded policy agenda will help hasten passage of carbon pricing legislation, while also working to supplement it: allowing us to reach the emissions reductions necessary for a livable world.

Our expanded policy agenda includes:

  • Healthy Forests: We support preserving and expanding forests and climate-smart forestry, as well as advocating for increasing urban forests, with a focus on neighborhoods that suffer from a lack of tree equity.
  • Building Electrification and Efficiency: We educate the public and elected officials on the importance of electrification and efficiency and how they can accelerate the transition to clean energy buildings, with attention to supporting low-income households in that transition.
  • Clean Energy Permitting Reform: We work to increase America’s capacity to transmit clean energy and speed up the approval of clean energy projects, while preserving communities’ ability to give input.