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International Conference

Annual Conference

Held in Washington D.C., the Citizens’ Climate International Conference brings together a coalition of volunteers, non-governmental organizations, and the climate community for two days of educational workshops and climate advocacy training.

Following the conference, most conference participants join CCE’s sister organization, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, on Capitol Hill. During Lobby Day, conference participants put their newly-acquired communication skills to use as they educate congressional offices about climate change solutions.

2018 International Conference

The 9th Annual Citizens’ Climate International Conference was held June 10-12, 2018. More than 1,400 conference participants from all 50 states, and 84% of congressional districts, gathered in Washington D.C. to receive specialized training on how to communicate about climate change and climate solutions.

With contentious midterm elections fast approaching, conference participants went to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, June 13th to build bipartisan congressional support for climate solutions. Focused on shared values rather than partisan divides, conference participants urged members of Congress to make climate change a bridge issue rather than a wedge issue. Approximately 1,200 educated climate leaders held meetings with over 500 offices to strategically advocate for a market-based approach to solving climate change known as Carbon Fee and Dividend.

At a Tuesday evening reception following meetings on the Hill, first-timer Larry Junck from Ann Arbor, Michigan, shared the news that another Republican agreed to join the Climate Solutions Caucus (CSC). “They said that they heard from so many of their constituents and groups supporting this that they felt they had to get involved in action on climate change.” Within a week after the conference and lobby day, a total of 3 new Republicans (and 3 Democratic counterparts) joined the CSC, bringing the total to 84 members.